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Estate Planning & Immigration Attorney in Carlsbad, CAlifornia

Planning for the future of your estate, especially if you are an immigrant, can be incredibly overwhelming. Don't try to do it alone. Put an experienced estate planning and immigration attorney on your side as you strive to create a future you can be proud to call your own. Our firm at North County Legal®, APC is ready to put our knowledge and passion to work for you in Carlsbad and throughout San Diego County.

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Ryan A. Alexeev

Attorney at Law

When Ryan was very young, her father passed away. Thankfully, her mother and father prepared in advance for the future of their assets. Ryan grew up to recognize that most families didn't have the same experience with estate planning that she had. As she earned her J.D. and gained a depth of knowledge in estate law, Ryan discovered that plenty of families are affected not only by the deaths of their loved ones, but by immigration policies, including the threat of deportation. Attorney Alexeev combines her passion for the law and her depth of experience to help individuals, families, and businesses in Carlsbad and the rest of San Diego County secure their futures.


The Intersection of Estate Planning & Immigration: Why Does It Matter?

Constantly Shifting Policies & Laws

In our political environment, immigration policies change rapidly—often in the span of a few days. New laws present new challenges and possible futures for you and your family. With immigration law in a state of flux, it's important to trust an attorney who is able to come up with solutions to your unique estate planning concerns as they relate to this ever-shifting landscape.

Tax Consequences of Immigration

Every foreign national should be aware of the estate tax consequences of immigration policies. Attorney Alexeev earned her Master's in Legal Tax Planning and is highly attuned to matters involving estate taxes as they concern your immigration status. At North County Legal®, APC, your personal and financial futures are our number one concern.

Starting Your Life, Securing Your Future

America is a country of immigrants. However, when those who arrive here wish to plan for their futures and secure what matters most to them, they sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the hoops to jump through. Let us help. If you are a recent immigrant who has started a business, or you have already spent a substantial amount of time in the U.S., you deserve skilled counsel.


Responsive & Accessible Counsel Focused On You

Legal issues like estate planning and immigration can overwhelm just about anyone. When you seek guidance in planning for the future and preparing for your new life in the United States, it can feel like a heavy burden to bear.

We understand, and we're ready to help. At North County Legal®, APC, we offer top-notch immigration services coupled with collaborative estate planning counsel when you need them the most. Our passion for law and our depth of experience means that we're prepared to help you pursue real solutions. We’ll get to know your story, and then we’ll be here to help you through any legal issues that may arise along the way.

Lawyers can be aloof and hard to reach. Not at our firm. We strive to be accessible and approachable because we know how frustrating this time must be for you and your family. Whether you need to draft a will, assign powers of attorney, or navigate the complexities of estate tax as it relates to immigration, we're a simple phone call away.

Experienced, passionate, committed: this is who we are. We genuinely care about your future and we're willing to help you reach your goals. If you live in Carlsbad, Encinitas, San Marcos, Vista, or anywhere in Southern California, set up a consultation with our immigration and estate planning attorney today.